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2013 International Bonsai Convention was Held in Yangzhou

  On April 18, 2013 International Bonsai Convention was held in Yangzhou during the Flowery March International Economic, Trade and Tourism Festival. 200 pots of fine bonsai from all over the world were displayed in the Song Jiacheng Ruins Park together with 100 pieces of stone appreciation works and 100 international fine pictures.

  It is learned that the bonsai displayed this time represent the first-rate workmanship. Both the species and manual design are of distinctive features and superior artistry. The authoritative experts will evaluate the 200 pots of bonsai and select among them the first, second, third prize winners which will be announced at the end of the convention on 20th. During the convention, renowned masters of bonsai, stone appreciation and basin making from US, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and China will give wonderful demonstrations and specialized lectures.

  Founded in US in 1963, the Bonsai Clubs International (BCI) is a worldwide bonsai organization and its membership covers 50-plus countries and regions. It holds convention and exhibition in different countries or regions every year and enjoys a wide influence in the international bonsai community.

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