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Global Users Enjoy the Sight of the Beauty of Yangzhou

On December 12, Google Culture Institute released the theme exhibition of “enjoy the sight of Yangzhou”.Yangzhou Museum, Ge Garden, Ho Garden and the Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling are collective on-line, through more than 300 exhibits and 8 sets of 360-degree panoramic view, it shows the cultural charm of the millennium ancient city of Yangzhou to the global users from multi angle.

From the extraordinary refined painting of “Eight Eccentrics of Yangzhou”, to the exquisite and delicate embroidery of Yangzhou, from the exhibition at the Yangzhou Museum, people can carefully read the humanistic feelings and historical strength behind the treasure of art. In addition, the virtual exhibition of Yangzhou Museum also contains the treasure of the museum: the dark-blue-glazed plum vase with a white dragon pattern on the body.

Through the 360-degree scene, people can enjoy the most famous Rockery of Four Seasons in Ge Garden, visit the Chinese garden of spring, summer, autumn and winter.,or in the complex road corridors at He Garden, feel the wisdom of the ancients and the charm of “the First Garden in Late Qing Dynasty”. The complex road corridors in He Garden, due to its upper and lower can be split, form three-dimensional traffic, and voted by the experts as “the earliest form of overpass in China”.

In the exhibition of the Museum of the Tomb of Han Guangling, netizens can observe the highest burial system in the Han Dynasty —— “Huang Chang Ti Cou” in a short distance from No. One and No. Two tomb. The tomb is the first generation of King of Guangling, Liu Xu and Queen, it has been more than two thousand years of history. The unearthed of these two tombs provide valuable material information for the study of funeral customs, official system, carpentry craft and calligraphy of Han Dynasty.

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