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Opera Concert of Monk Jianzhen’s Voyages to Japan Performed in Yangzhou in the evening of 14th

Yangzhou monk Jianzhen in Tang Dynasty crossed the ocean to Japan to do missionary work and left such an indelible mark on human civilization. At 19:30 of 14th, the large original opera symphony concert of Monk Jianzhen’s Voyages to Japan performed in Yangzhou Concert Hall, reproduced artistically the art story of the cultural exchange between China and Japan. It is understood that the play was performed in the hometown of Jianzhen specially before the first performance in Japan. The Standing Committee, Minster of Propaganda Wang Yanwen, the secretary of municipal party committee Xie Zhengyi, city Political Consultative Conference President Hong Jinhua and other provincial and municipal leaders watched the performance.

Opera Monk Jianzhen’s Voyages to Japan is divided into six chapters, the first is “cross the Huanhai”, the second is “cross the Yuanhai”, the third is “cross the Mihai”, the fourth is “cross the Juehai”, the fifth is “cross the Xinhai”, the sixth is “cross the Huihai”, with a representation of combining the false and the truth, reproduced artistically the difficulty about Jianzhen’s six Japanese trips. The opera is created from the perspective of the cultural exchange between China and outside and filled with humanistic color which across the country and fields and in accordance with the general social background. At the same time, director incisively displays the interpersonal emotional entanglements, the dangerous situation on the ocean and the difficulty of Japanese trip by actors’ lines, singing, clothes and the setting of the stage.

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