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A Project of Yangzhou Won the Second Prize of Technological Innovation

On the morning of 9th, 2016 National Science and Technology Awards Conference was held in Beijing.The state science and technology prizes of 2016 was awarded to 279 projects, 7 technical experts and 1 international organization. “Outside the tube falling film type liquid reinforces adhesion reactor was created and new technology of melt direct spinning polyester industrial yarn” was completed in cooperation by Yangzhou Huitong Chemical Technology Co., Ltd and Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and was awarded the second prize of national technological invention. Yan Xuming, Chairman of Yangzhou Huitong Company, went to Beijing for Awards.

Yan Xuming introduced that since 1970s, our country has reformed the polyester fiber production equipment technology, by now, the production of polyester PET equals to the 60% of world’s total production. In many uses of polyester fiber, polyester industrial yarn belongs to high technology. The higher mechanical properties of PET production, the more the molecule weight are required to be and the corresponding dynamic viscosity of melt would be higher. The common melt polycondensation can only increase the intrinsic viscosity of PET to 0.65dl/g, which can be available for spinning civil polyester fiber, while the polyester raw material that required for making polyester bottle flakes and polyester industrial yarn can only be gained by solid-phase polycondensation.

The production of global polyester industrial yarn long-term adopts the production technology of high energy three-stage process that melt polycondensation first, then solid phase felt, thread the molten, plastic extrusion spinning (slice spinning process). The whole process takes long time, the working procedure is very burdensome but the efficiency is low, and it is discontinuous process. The world famous companies have been committed to the research of melt direct spinning polyester industrial yarn technology for decades, but have not successfully implement the large-scale industrialization. He said the award-winning technology through adding a reactor outside the device, polyester melt without the process of grain-sized dicing, warming up, cooling, direct spinning polyester industrial yarn. After hundreds of times of experiments, they finally found the best method. Nowadays, the equipment of the enterprise shorten 20 hours than the traditional technology process, more systematic equipment can make manufactures of high adhesion polyester industrial yarn invest less.

It is introduced that recently they have built the world’s first production line of 200000 tons of melt direct spinning polyester industrial yarn for minor manufactures, saving billions of dollars in equipment investment.The project also has gained 17 Chinese invention patents and has applied for 4 international patents, which has developed the independent intellectual property rights.

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