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Yangzhou Yaxing Successfully Entered Taiwan Market

On 18th, co-sponsored by Weichai Group, Yangzhou Yaxing Bus Co., Ltd and Taiwan Shengfeng Company and Xinsheng Motor Company, “Weichai engine and Yangzhou Yaxing chassis new car conference” was held in Taiwan Nantou. It marks that the special chassis of high-standard tour bus launched by Weichai Group and Yaxing Bus was officially entered Taiwan market. On that day, Xinhua News Agency reported it in the first time and the news focused on the project cooperation between cross-strait companies.

At the conference site, Li Baicheng, the general manager of Yangzhou Yaxing Company, told Xinhua that on the base of the cooperation with European manufacturers for many years, yaxing bus adopts European design capability and quality requirements and carefully chooses the chassis for Taiwan market. The new Weichai Engine New Car series has the advantages of efficient and good fuel mileage, low noise and environmental protection, high comfort, high security, sturdy and durable. It adopts Weichai engine directly in the dynamic regard, with maximum horsepower reaching 430, and conform to European emission standards. Hope the cooperation with Taiwan can bring safe and comfortable experience for passengers.

The director of Taiwan Shengfeng Company, Yue Chuxun and other businesses said in an interview that the tourist bus made in mainland China has the advantages of large power and cost-efficient. It is very suitable for Taiwan tourist market requirements. Hope that in the future policy barriers can be reduced so that the cooperation between cross-strait companies can be more smoothly.This is a win-win situation for cross-strait companies.

The report ends by saying that especially small and medium enterprises have a greater cooperation needs, hope the businesses can work together, promote more project cooperation in various fields between cross-strait companies and bring more benefits for the cross-strait companies and compatriots.

In recent years, with the deepening cooperation between Yangzhou and Taiwan enterprises, good news has spread in the areas of manufacturing industry, cultural industries and food processing industry. Up to now, the cooperation projects in Yangzhou and Taiwan manufacturing industry have accumulated to dozens.

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