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The Protection Planning of He Garden was Approved by Provincial Government

11th, learned from the administrative office of He Garden of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Provincial Government has approved the protection planning of He Garden, the national key cultural relics protection units, in principle agreed the protection planning of He Garden. With this, He Garden has become the first and the only one cultural protection unit that approved the protection planning by provincial government in the history of Yangzhou.

The planning period set as 20 years, divides into three period of recent, medium, long-term to implement. The scope of protection planning is east to the west side of red line of Xu Ning Men Street, south to the south wall of garden lane, west to 9 meters outside the wall of He Garden, north to the north wall of Diao Jia lane, which covers an area of 18510 square meters. Development control area is east to a line of the east wall of commercial buildings of the east side of Xu Ning men Street, south to the north side of red line of Nanhe Street, west to the west side of the road of center for employee retirement activities of 723 research institute, north to the north exit of Miao Jin lane, which covers an area of 57586 square meters. The total area of the scope of planning is 76097 square meters.

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