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The Development of Bookstores is Supported by Policy

On 2nd, the City Council hold a press conference, published the finance condition of Yangzhou cultural industry in recent years, and introduced the current year declaration of industry fund.

It is understood that in 2007, Jiangsu Province cultural industry guiding fund have been established. In 2016, provincial cultural industry guiding fund divided into two special funds which are cultural industry and press, publications, film and television industry. Up to now, there are 88 projects of our city have received provincial financial support amounting to 85.1 million yuan, the number of projects and funds take the lead in central Jiangsu and north Jiangsu.

It’s worth mentioning that this year the fund will set up and focus on supporting “brand entity bookstore construction project”, meanwhile it will expand the range of “transformation and upgrading project” and pay more attention to encouraging news radio and television projects leveraging high technology of “digital technology, cloud computing, big data, the Internet” to achieve industry transformation and upgrade.

But it is reminded that the declaring enterprise must be non-public cultural enterprises that registered in Jiangsu Province. Application projects in principle shall be construct after January 1, 2016 and investment should be more than 3 million yuan (fine category shall be more than 500,000 yuan) while fiscal charges reach 40%. Before March 15, the municipal government, the financial department will finish the project assessment; before March 31, the City Council, Financial Bureau will review the projects and submit to the Provincial of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau.

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