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23 Major Projects in the City Concentrated Start Yesterday

In the morning of February 12nd, at the advance meeting of concentrated starting province’s major projects, 23 major projects of our city centralized started and total investment reached 28.1 billion. This is also the first time of our city to held the activity of projects concentrated start. Among them, there are 19 major industrial projects, a major innovation carrier project and three major livelihood projects.

The construction site of the project of aviation cable and hydraulic equipment of aviation industry which located in the city development zone is the Yangzhou branch of the venue of the advance meeting of province’s major projects concentrated start. The total investment of the project is planned to be 7.3 billion, after the completion of the project, produce 32000km general digital signal cable of aviation and seafloor, 150 thousand sets of aviation hydraulic equipment, 50 thousand hydraulic pump of rail transit, matching product hydraulic transmission device and access system of aviation and rail transit.

In addition, provincial major projects also involved in this concentrated start —— Yangzhou “double creation” demonstration base of national small and micro business and tourism development project of World Horticultural Exposition. The total investment of the project of Yangzhou “double creation” demonstration base of national small and micro business is planned to be 3.5 billion, around information service, technical research and development, financial service, commercial service and international exchange, carry out technology business incubator, accelerator, build Internet +, software information and high-end technological innovation industry agglomeration. The total investment of tourism development project of World Horticultural Exposition is planned to be 4 billion, construct core area of “World Horticultural Exposition” and “Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition” and supporting service area, build world horticultural exhibition, world green city summit and Jiangsu province non-material cultural heritage exhibition.

This year, our city will continue to adhere to the policy of “Project is King”, fully implement the project of “12345” innovation and development, 50 major industrial projects and 40 major service projects start working over the whole year, to promote the practice of “Liang Ju Yi Gao” in Yangzhou by real and effective investment.

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