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Enterprises Can Get Rewards and Subsidies by Introducing Talents

23th, according to resources, 2016 enterprises talent introduction and training subsidy and reward declaration work has been launched.

The declaration mainly involves these enterprises of automobile and ship, machinery and equipment, tourism, construction, software and information services, bio-medicine, new energy, new materials, smart grid, cultural and creative, modern services, efficient agriculture and so on. Declaration objects are high-level talents of the above-mentioned enterprises introduced since June 2015, including doctoral talent, senior professional technical talent, full-time postgraduates and undergraduates of key institutions. Declaration objects are required to sign a labor contract with the company, pay the social insurance and personal income tax regularly in Yangzhou, and their personal file relationship should be in Yangzhou. Besides the salary, introduced doctoral persons also receive subsidies of 3000 yuan per month; introduced full time postgraduates, undergraduates of key institutions can receive subsidies of individual social insurance. For those talents that have doctoral degree or senior professional and technical qualifications, respectively receive tuition subsidies and one single payment.

It is reported that the policy of enterprises talent introduction and training subsidy and reward started from 2013 and aims to guide more talents to the enterprises of our city for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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