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Yangzhou Charity Index Ranks among Top 30 in China

A few days ago, China Charity Alliance awarded the City Award in Nanjing for the cities in Jiangsu that won the fourth session of China City Charity Index Appraisal. The city charity index of Yangzhou ranked twenty-second in the whole country and was awarded the "China City Charity Index Top 30” medal. As early as 2012, Yangzhou has won the “China Seven Star Charity City” title.

It is reported that the fourth session of China City Charity Index Appraisal uses the city as the object of study and evaluated the development level of city charity of 256 municipalities, prefecture-level cities and county-level cities from 2014 to 2015 throughout the whole country. This year’s evaluation system used the basic framework from the previous year to have a comprehensive calculation, through six aspects - city social donations, volunteer service, charitable organizations, charitable contribution to the economy, government support to charity, charity culture city, and 51 indicators.

It is reported that since the establishment of the City Charity Federation, it has raised accumulated RMB 200 million and relief spending has reached RMB 80 million and 330 thousand people in difficulties has been benefited.

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