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Provincial Government Approved the Construction of Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism

22nd, according to resources, provincial government has made a reply to the Provincial Department of Education and the Yangzhou city government on the establishment of Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism, agreed to establish Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism on the basis of Jiangsu Union Technical Institute of Yangzhou Business Branch (Yangzhou Commerce Higher Vocational School), and revoke the original school system. Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism is a college level regular institution of higher education.

Learned from Yangzhou Commerce Higher Vocational School, the new campus of Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism is located in the east of the ancient canal, southwest of Jiulong Lake. It covers an area of 845 acre and the planned building area is 240,000 square meters, Yangzhou government is responsible for planning and funding, and construct supporting hotel that not less than four-star hotel as a training base for the college. Last year, our city had listed Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism in the key construction project. In August 2016, construction of new campus started, is expected to complete the first phase project in 2017 and complete the new campus construction tasks in 2018.

After completion of Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Tourism, it will further integrate Yangzhou local industry’s development and exploitation. Around the integration of industry and education, according to the development needs of Yangzhou tourism industry, it will strengthen the professional construction, further innovation on the basis of Yangzhou traditional industries, including cooking, tourism and so on. It will speed up the development of tourism products, lacquer, paper cutting, engraving printing and other technology products. At the same time, school can provide tourism, catering and other professional service personnel for the community each year, and t as a platform, it will provide retraining for the tourism industry personnel.

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