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Yangzhou Added Five Provincial Trustworthy Consumption Clusters

Recently, Jiangsu Province Trustworthy Consumption Office issued a notice of Commending 2016 Demonstration Units of Trustworthy Consumption Brand Cluster and the Industry and Region of Advanced Demonstration Enterprises, 12 units of Yangzhou are on the list. It is worth mentioning that five trustworthy consumption clusters have officially joined the “provincial team”.

In the honor list, five units of teaching toys brand cluster in Caodian Town ,Baoying Country, , Lvyangchun tea brand cluster in Yuetang Town, Yizheng City, Yangzhou Dongguan Street time-honored brand cluster, Yangzhou Hongqiao commercial leisure square, Jiangdu Aboluo flowers industry brand cluster were commended as “Jiangsu Province Demonstration Units of Trustworthy Consumption Brand Cluster”. Seven units of Yangzhou Tianze Pharmacy Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xinlian Food Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Shihuitang Tea Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Mingcheng Construction Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Hubao Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jinyun Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Feijie Travel Article Co., Ltd. were commended as “Jiangsu Province Trustworthy Consumption Advanced Units”.

According to reports, the trustworthy consumption clusters of Yangzhou that joined the  “provincial team” includ two categories of brand cluster. One sets shopping, leisure, catering, culture, tourism and other formats into one, and another cluster gathers local characteristic products and own brand based. Through the creation, Yangzhou has set up brand development service platform, brand protection rights service platform, brand management service platform and brand evaluation service platform. They guide enterprises to integrate trustworthy consumption into self-discipline statute, establish and improve relative management system of consumer protection and has cultivated a number of demonstration sites of brand (consumption) clusters, hugely enhanced the popularity of brand consumption and service, the integrity of the operator and the safety of the brand consumption environment.

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