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Yangzhou Taizhou Airport Adds Another Three Non-stop Flights

Since March 26th, 2017, Spring Airlines will open direct flight to Lanzhou at Yangzhou Taizhou Airport. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will have the flights. Flight 9C8513, Yangzhou Taizhou09:10- Lanzhou11:55, flight 9C8514, Lanzhou12:55-Yangzhou Taizhou15:30.

Since the same day, direct flight to Harbin will be opened at Yangzhou Taizhou Airport and it’s a daily flight. Flight 9C8621, Harbin06:55-Yangzhou Taizhou09:55, flight 9C8622, Yangzhou Taizhou19:00-Harbin21:35.

Since March 27th, direct flight to Luoyang will be opened at Yangzhou Taizhou Airport and the flights are on Monday. Flight 9C8552, Yangzhou Taizhou14:00-Luoyang15:45, flight 9C8551, Luoyang 16:45-Taizhou18:20.

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