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Women Saber World Cup Yangzhou Station Start Today

According to Xinhua, 2017 the FIE Women Saber World Cup Yangzhou station would be held in Yangzhou Song Jiacheng Sports Leisure Park on the 24th, more than 100 athletes from more than 20 countries and regions would compete in the three-day competition, Chinese team sent the strongest team to play.

The FIE Women Saber World Cup Tour Majors is the world’s the highest level (international A level) of single women's fencing competition. The race has been in China for the last 10 years, this is the first time of Yangzhou to hold the race, and Yangzhou is also the first time to hold international fencing competition. It is reported that American Zagunis and South Korea Jin Zhiyan and many other masters of women saber would participate in this event, China as host country, sent a strong team of 45 players, including Shen Chen who participated in women saber individual in Rio Olympic Game.

The tournament includes individual competition and team competition, all matches would end on the 26th.

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