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The Annual List of Top 100 Industrial Enterprises has Released

Recently, the municipal government officially issued <Notice on Announcing the 2016 Annual Top 100 Industrial Enterprises>, released the list of 2016 top 100 industrial enterprises, Baosheng Group, Yizheng Branch of Saic Volkswagen, Yizheng Chemical Fiber and other 100 enterprises are on the list.

As in previous years, the selection of the top 100 enterprises in accordance with the “Yangzhou 100 industrial enterprises selection method”, mainly on the basis of the billing sales and storage tax completed by enterprises and other third-party indicators, taking into account the performance of enterprises in project implementation, technological innovation, brand building, integrity and law enforcement, green development and other aspects, at the same time the situation of major security incidents, quality accidents, environmental pollution, tax evasion would be prohibited.

The selected hundred enterprises fully embodies the country's development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing”. Compared with the previous year's top 100 industrial enterprises, there are 82 companies reelected, new come 18 companies, the replacement rate is 18%. In the 18 companies, automobile, machinery industry account for much, there are respectively six companies and three companies; there are eight companies that growing fast due to the project; there are 4 companies back to the top 100.

Industrial hundred enterprises are always the backbone and ballast of the city's industrial economy, play a key role in supporting and stabilizing. 2016 annual industrial hundred enterprises realized an accumulative total billing sales of 20.37 billion yuan, storage tax of 10.36 billion yuan, respectively securing 7% and 2.9%, higher than the city’s industrial 2% and 3.2%. The billing sales and storage tax of hundred enterprises accounted for 48% and 51.4% of the city's total industrial output, the proportion rose to 0.9% and 1.6% over the previous year. From the distribution situation, 2016 the city's top 100 industrial enterprises are mainly concentrated in the automotive, machinery and petrochemical industries, regional distribution is mainly concentrated in the county (city, district).

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