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Please Follow These 10 “Traffic Bans”

16th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice, from now on, strictly renovate severe traffic violations. Traffic participants, please consciously follow the following 10 bans.

Motor vehicles are banned from parking illegally, illegal temporary parking, parking in the mesh area; motor vehicles are banned from changing lane in the solid lines, illegal forced change lanes, illegal continuous change lanes; motor vehicles are banned from honking in the ban area; motor vehicles shall slow down when passing a crosswalk, or shall stop to give way when a pedestrian is passing the crosswalk; a motor vehicle plate shall not be intentionally sheltered and smeared, motor vehicles are banned from driving without license, using expired provisional license plate, false license plate or forged license plate, and motor vehicles don’t receive checks, not pay strong insurance. Drivers are forbidden to drive after drinking; engineering transport vehicles (including slag car, concrete mixer, etc.) are banned from overloading, speeding, throwing and dripping, running the red light; electric tricycles are banned from the restricted area;  electric tricycles (including elderly mobility scooter) are banned from driving without license; Non-motor Vehicles are banned from changing route, parking with crossing the line, running the red light, reverse driving, illegal manned; pedestrians are forbidden to go through the red light, not use the sidewalk and crosswalk, cross the road isolation facilities, cross the road isolation green island.

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