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Cloud Platform of “Jiangsu Development Conference•Yangzhou Station” Goes Online Today

The first Jiangsu Development Conference will be held from May 19th to 21st in Nanjing. The conference will be host by Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, aims to enhance the contacts, exchanges and cooperation with famous people in various fields that both at home and abroad and those who have studied and worked in Jiangsu. In order to better propaganda Jiangsu Development Conference, take the conference as the medium and build platform for Yangzhou elites to contact efficiently, dialogue and exchanges, cloud platform of “Jiangsu Development Conference•Yangzhou station” officially launched on 25th.

Cloud platform of “Jiangsu Development Conference•Yangzhou Station” was built by “Yangzhou Release”, the only designated new media platform by Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, Yangzhou newspaper media group provided core technical support. “Yangzhou Release” team are responsible for construction and operation with the leading Internet product concept. The platform has substantial content, citizens can click slide location, directly enter “Jiangsu Development Conference•Yangzhou Station” from the home page of “Yangzhou Release” client.

In the home page of Yangzhou Cloud Platform, you will see sub-column of Yangzhou suitable for business, living and tourism, mirror Yangzhou, discovery of Yangzhou, literary Yangzhou, broadcast Yangzhou, Yangzhou action and so on. It displays the construction achievement of “strong, rich, beautiful, high” new Yangzhou in video, pictures, live, new media interaction and other forms, “One City One Taste”, “Viewing Yangzhou in 90 Seconds” and other latest video that show the image to the public are included. In addition, cloud platform of Yangzhou station also updates the latest report of Jiangsu Development Conference, dynamic news of Yangzhou countries (cities, districts). Especially “Yangzhou elites” plate that agree with the theme of Jiangsu Development Conference,here gatheres many stories of Yangzhou famous people.

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