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Work Together to Build Yangzhou Lear Automobile Industrial Park

4th, Yangzhou municipal government and American Lear company signed a strategic cooperation agreement that both sides would jointly build Lear automobile industrial park. The secretary of municipal party committee, Xie Zhengyi witnessed the signing and met with the global president, CEO and director of American Lear company, Matthew Simon Cini and his party. Mayor Zhang Aijun issued a city VIP certificate to Matthew Simon Cini. Member of Standing Committee, executive vice-mayor Chen Yang signed on behalf of the municipal government.

Yangzhou government and American Lear company signed a strategic cooperation agreement, on the principle of mutual benefit and common development, both sides will jointly build Lear automobile industrial park. At the same time, our city will actively support and promote the establishment of Yangzhou University - Lear college, cultivating and transporting directional technical personnel, creating a good investment environment for the development of Lear company. Lear company will make full use of technology, funds, talent, market and other resource advantages on automotive electronics and components industry fields, priority arrange suitable industry, products, regional research and development center in Yangzhou.

It is known that American Lear company was found in 1917 and is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It is also the world’s top ten auto parts suppliers. It’s the national leader in integrated power electronic module technology supply of car seat system, the electricity distribution system and automotive interior system. Since the project of “connector and terminal” settled in Yangzhou Weiyang Economic Development Zone in 2011, Lear company has had three projects settled in Yangzhou at present. With the powerful strength of Lear company and sincere cooperation of both sides, these projects have become the pillar projects of the best quality, the highest economic benefits in Yangzhou, and have created the successful model of cooperation between famous cities and famous companies.

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