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Feast of Flowers in the Slender West Lake

8th, month-long 2017 Yangzhou Flower Festival opened in Yangzhou Slender West Lake, Wanghua Garden presented “feast of flowers”, exotic flowers and rare herbs from all over the word contend in beauty and fascination and smile to Chinese and foreign guests.

This is the 10th Flower Festival, on the theme of “people integrate into beautiful scenery, beautiful scene become picture, people and scenery blend together”, from four aspects of “viewthe flowers, find the flowers, enjoy the flowers, fall in love with the flowers” , Slender West Lake Scenic launched “funny directional run”, “best of times” human live, “gifts in the scene, Jiugong Quest”, “touring in the flowers, gathering Chinese studies”, “Luochun Yayun”, “feast of flowers”, “dreams of red mansions”, “Yangzhou moonlight of spring river”, “Kazakh nomadic experience”, “flower culture theme exhibition” and other ten wonderful theme activities of high participation and strong experience.

According to reports, in the process of environmental layout, the Slender West Lake Scenic took landscape as a center, planned four functional areas of entrance area, Wanhua district, leisure and entertainment district and Children’s park. These functional areas completely covered the whole garden, the scenic designed the landscape correspond to region. At the same time.it set peach, begonia, Qionghua, clove, tulips, Forsythia viridissima, peony, Paeonia lactiflora, colicweed and other types of flowers viewing area, constitute a colorful, patchwork three-dimensional natural landscape that set historical depth and modern perspective in one, so that visitors can better enjoy the vivid picture of “find blooming flowers everywhere and enjoy the fragrance of flowers for every step”, and keep the freshness of tour at all times.

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