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Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Yangzhou Announced

4th, the eleventh “Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Yangzhou” selection activities jointly hosted by Municipal Propaganda Department, Municipal Civilization Office, Municipal Youth League Committee, City Youth Federation, Yangzhou Newspaper Media Group and Yangzhou Broadcast and Television Media Group held awards ceremony. Deputy secretary of the provincial party committee Jiang Min, Member of Standing Committee, Minister of the Organization, Director of United Front Work Department Zhang Baojuan, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Yang Zhengfu, deputy president of the Municipal PCC Dong Yuhai attended the event.

Among the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons”, there are entrepreneurs that enriching people and researchers who committe to innovation and creative; there are urban constructors and guardians who concern about people’s livelihood; there are the frontier soldiers, teachers and reporters root in grass-roots, police; there are cautious and conscientious industry craftsmen and loyal guards who devote to duty. They are general manager of Yangzhou Yilvxian Ecological Agricultural Technology Limited Company Yu Yang; “yangzhou News” column editor of Yangzhou Broadcast and Television Media Group Wang Liuchen; policeman of Yangzijin police station community of Yangzhou Public Security Bureau Bian Ting; director of Reproductive Medicine Center of the Northern Jiangsu People’s Hospital Zhang Xiaomei; deputy director of Yangzhou Construction Security Supervision Station Zhou Xin; economist of Yangzhou Center Sub-branch of People’s Bank of China Gu Chenjie; deputy director of Public Prosecution Office of the People's Procuratorate of Yangzhou Gu Xuerong; radar operator of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force Guo Jin; vice president of Chemical Engineering College of Yangzhou University Han Jie; actor of chief blind flute solo of China Disabled Art Troupe Tan Weihai.

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