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Tour Line 2 Opened Today

30th, learned from the bus group, for the convenience of foreign tourists to quickly and easily visit two ancient Buddhist temples of Daming Temple and Gaomim Temple and main attraction of the city, Slender West Lake, on May 1st, Yangzhou would open bus tour line 2.

Tour line 2 starts from Daming Temple, stops at the west gate of the Slender West Lake (Eastern Lily Garden) and then goes straightly to Gaomin Temple. Route: Pingshan Tang West Road—Yangzijiang North Road—Yangzijiang Middle Road—Yangzijiang South Road. This bus line operates from April to November every year. Time: the first bus starts from Daming Temple at 8:30, the last bus is 17:00; the first bus starts from Gaomin Temple at 8:30, the last bus is 17:00. The bus runs from opposite directions, one-way operation is 25 to 30 minutes. If meet the passenger flow peak, bus will be increased in time. The self-service bus only need one ticket all the way, the fare is 2 yuan per person.

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