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486 Arts and Crafts Free Business Alliance was Established

On the morning of 24th, at the initiative of the municipal united front department, city arts and crafts group, “486 Arts and Crafts Free Business Alliance” launched by some arts and crafts masters was established in Yangzhou 486 gathering area of intangible cultural heritage. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Director of United Front Work Department, Zhang Baojuan unveiled for the union and researched the studio of the union members and “Yangzhou Painting and Calligraphy House”.

Zhang Baojuan emphasized that a large number of talents in the field of arts and crafts are freelancers, and founding arts and crafts free entrepreneurial league is to organize talents, promote communication and exert the influence of political leadership. 486 arts and crafts free entrepreneurial league should organize activities frequently and play a positive role in contacting service, uniting and leading employees in arts and crafts, strengthening communication and exchange and promoting development, etc. Inheriting arts and crafts requires combination with modern education, which is the method to preserve skill, expand recruitment and guarantee inheritance. United front departments should positively create the conditions. The members of the league should have the confidence of sticking to traditional arts and crafts and the consciousness of developing modern arts. They should pass the heritage, encourage each other to go on and create the new glory of Yangzhou arts and crafts together.

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