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Yizheng and Jiangdu Began A Pilot Program in Domestic Sewage Disposal

On 23th July, we learnt from the Construction Department that in accordance with the document of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance and Provincial Leading Group of environmental improvement work in villages, Jiangsu Province decided the list of 15 counties (cities, districts), including Yizheng and Jiangdu for the pilot program in domestic sewage disposal. The list has been examined by experts.

The general idea of the provincial pilot program in domestic sewage disposal is “led by the government, operated by the corporate”. The program regards county governments as implementing subjects and has an overall organization of village sewage disposal. By 2020, the coverage of village sewage disposal in the community will be above 90%. The path and pattern of domestic sewage disposal will also be explored, which is expected to suit the characteristics of local villages, to be sustainable and able to be copied.

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