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2017 Yangzhou Summer Camp “Tracing Roots in China” for Overseas Chinese Teenagers Ended

On July 26th, 2017 Yangzhou summer camp “Tracing Roots in China” for overseas Chinese teenagers held the closing ceremony in Zhuxi Middle School. 81 teachers and students from different countries and regions gathered together and ended the journey with reluctance and tears. The Director of Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Xu Kaixin and Vice Mayor Yuting attended the activity.

Overseas Chinese teenagers aged 12 to 18 took part in 2017 Yangzhou summer camp. They came from the US, Canada, Spain, Portugal and other countries. During the 8 days in Yangzhou, 74 overseas Chinese teenagers and 7 counsellors visited the Slender West Lake, Ge Park, Double East Historical and Cultural District (Dongguan Street and Dong Quan Men) and other spots. They also came to the campus and experienced the broad and profound Chinese culture. The courses included Chinese cuisine, etiquette, traditional opera, martial arts, calligraphy, paper cut and so on. Everyone felt the blooming of every cause in China deeply and emotional bonds of “Chinese at home and abroad are family members”.

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