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Hangji was Selected as National Characteristic Town

27th, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development official website issued the list of the second batch of national characteristic town, 276 towns were identified as the second batch of national characteristic town, including 15 towns of Jiangsu, Hangji of Guangling District was included.

Hangji is located in the eastern suburbs of Yangzhou, Jiajiang to the south, Mangdao River to the east, Liaojiagou to the west, Wanfu Road to the north. Shanghai and Shanxi high-speed railway paasses through there, the traditional handicraft has a long history, and the most famous are woodblock printing and toothbrush. In 2003, Hangji was renowned as “China’s Toothbrush City” by China Light Industry Association. In 2008, Hangji was awarded the title of “China Hotel Supplies City” by China Grocery Products for Daily Use Industry Association and China Plastics Processing Industry Association.

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