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Yangzhou was Approved To be the Municipal Model City of Modernized Construction Industry

On August 8th, we learnt from the Construction Department that Municipal Bureau of Urban and Rural Construction and Municipal Finance Bureau issued an announcement jointly to organize applications of programs which fit in the range of the specific finance support for modernizing municipal construction. According to the document of Municipal Finance Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Rural Construction <About the second batch of municipal finance support for energy-saving and emission-reduction(saving energy in buildings and modernizing building industry)>, Yangzhou was approved to be the model city of modernized construction industry. In order to accelerate the construction of a model city of modernized building industry, departments concerned organized the application of programs. Once the programs got approved, they would get financial support for modernizing the building industry.

It is learnt that the financial support mainly supports the construction of the model bases and programs of modernized construction industry. Grant funds are arranged each year for building industrial parks, model districts, model bases and model programs, whose standards are decided according to the total investment of programs and municipal financial support. Each investment entity of Yangzhou model industrial parks will obtain a aid of 5 million yuan, each investment entity of Yangzhou model districts will obtain 3 million yuan, while the model bases and programs will each obtain 1 million yuan. As for the research or projects of key technology, key laboratory or research center, or projects adopting BIM, the subsidy will be 100 thousand to 500 thousand yuan, according to different circumstances.

It is learnt that the application of programs started as of this date and ended on August 20th.

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