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Yimei Health Industrial Park

1.Project name: Yimei Health Industrial Park

2.Project classification: Science & technology, hospital

5.Main building contents: The project is located at South Dujiang Road. It is planned to build a comprehensive hospital including medical cosmetic clinic, nursing center, confinement service center, general internal medicine, professional health clinic, dermatological department, department of pediatrics, dental department and overseas medical service.

6.Estimated total investment and the expected economical benefits:

Total investment: 10 million USD

Construction period: 1-2 years

Expected period of return on investment: 5 years

7.Initial suggestion about the modes of cooperation and project progress:

The project is preparing preliminary registration formalities. Construction Permit for Constructional Engineering is being conducted right now; three supplies and one leveling, that is, electricity supply, water supply, road and site leveling are carried out. The project will be formally started at the end of September.


Address: #130, South Dujiang Road, Yangzhou City      

Postal Code: 225002

Contact person: Xuejiang Cao                        

Tel.: 0514-80780226 

E-mail: yzwfjdzsb@163.com

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332