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General Aviation Company Headquarter Base Project

1、Name of the project:General Aviation Company Headquarter Base Project

2、Classification:General Aviation-Related

3、Project to be implemented by:

Administrative Committee of Yangzhou Airport New Harbour

4、Introduction to the implementing organization:

The Yangzhou New Airport Urban-Zone is situated in the central part of Jiangsu Province and is therefore under the jurisdiction of Yangzhou City. The zone was established in order to stimulate the development of Yangzhou’s aviation industry in order to prepare Yangzhou for a new era of economic development. The planned surface area of the Zone is 77km2. The geographic position of the Zone is advantageous from the perspective of transport: the Zone is accessible by several means of transportation, including sea, land, air and railway. The Zone includes one airport (featuring a first-class open port), three expressways (Jinghu, Hushan and Qiyang), two railways (Ningqi and Huai-Yang) and two ports (Yangzhou Port and Jiangdu Port), and is therefore a major zone of activity for the freight and transportation industry of Central Jiangsu.

The New Aviation Zone is based on the premise that aviation will encourage the prosperity of the city and stimulate local industries. The city and the airport will develop a reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationship which will in turn contribute to the city-industry integration of Yangzhou. The Zone will base its activities on the latest development trends within both domestic and international aviation industries. Its initial primary focuses are airport logistics, general aviation, electronic information and high-end trade services.

5、Project summary:

①Attract corporate aircraft lease companies and establish a regional base of operations for corporate aviation.

②Create a navigation and operation system that will provide services to corporate aircraft travelling through the region. These services will include aircraft maintenance, aviation training, aviation clubs and a 4S corporate aircraft store.

6、 Estimated investment:      30million USD

   Construction period:        2     years

   Payback  period:          5       years


Project Contact: TAO Tao

Address:9, Kong-gang First Road , Yangzhou-Taizhou Airport, Yangzhou, PRC





  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332