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Tourism Cultural Complex

1.Project name: Tourism Cultural Complex

2.Project classification: Tourism culture

3.Project sponsor: Wenhe Sub-district Office, People’s Government of Guangling District, Yangzhou

4.Brief introduction to the sponsor: 

Wenhe Sub-district is located at the center of the main urban area of Yangzhou—a famous historical and cultural city, governing 9 communities, with an area of 2.6 square kilometers and a population of 69,000. Unique regional advantages: Wenhe is the location of the district commission and government of Guangling, and also is the urban living room and the urban window of Yangzhou. Prosperous economy: Wencheng business circle—the first business circle of Yangzhou is located in this area. Profound cultural tradition: there are 58 scenic spots and historic sites, including Wencheng Pavilion and the Ruan’s Ancestral Temple; there are a number of famous schools, such as Yangzhou High School and Yucai Primary School. It is the central area with the most developed business, the best cultural atmosphere and the most harmonious regional environment.

5.Main building contents:

The project is located at Nanmenwai Street which is the earliest existing and the best preserved street with the largest number of cultural relics. The street witnessed the history and complete styles of superimposed city walls and moats of the south city gate since the Tang Dynasty. Profound cultural heritage and modern commercial elements of Yangzhou are merged into the tourism cultural complex which is a themed block integrating catering, leisure & entertainment, shopping and cultural collections. With advantaged environment of the ancient canal, the project is a key project of Yangzhou’s urban construction and development. With the ancient canal to its east, Tongyang Bridge to its south and Nanmen Ruins Square to its north, the project covers an area of about 50 mu.

6.Estimated total investment and the expected economical benefits:

Total investment: 20 million USD

Construction period: 2 years

Expected period of return on investment: 3-5 years

7.Contacts: Jun Wang, Chungui Wang 

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