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Tourism Complex of Yangzhou Food Industrial Park

1.Project name: Tourism Complex of Yangzhou Food Industrial Park

2.Project address: in Yangzhou Food Industrial Park

3.Advantages for development: Since officially launched in 2007, the Food Industrial Park has introduced 70 projects with a total investment of 9 billion yuan. 50 projects have been put into production, including national well-known enterprises such as Tsingdao Beer, CR Ng Fung, Yurun Group and Qinqin Group. In recent years, the Park was successively awarded as Yangzhou Experimental Area of Cross-Straits Agriculture Cooperation, National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Products Processing, China’s Demonstration Base of Food Logistics, China’s Innovative Service Park of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises and Jiangsu Provincial-level Concentration Area of Agricultural Products Processing.

4.Building contents: With an area of 351.66 mu and a theme of food, the project integrates the technical presentations of food, themed amusement park, ecological park and culinary experience at home and abroad so as to achieve the aim of building industrial leader and cluster. The project is divided into 3 areas which have different emphases in the function, set off each other in the form and are linked as a unified whole by water system, forming landscape functional composition of “one park, three areas”. 

5.Project progress: Conceptual design has been completed.

6.Total planned investment and the modes of cooperation: 

Total planned investment: 1 billion yuan.

The modes of cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, commissioned management.


Contact person: Jing Liu; Tel.: 18912139908;

E-mail: yzspgyy@163.com 

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