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Starred Hotel of Yangzhou Food Industrial Park

1.Project name: Starred Hotel of Yangzhou Food Industrial Park

2.Project address: in Yangzhou Food Industrial Park

3.Advantages for development: Since officially launched in 2007, the Food Industrial Park has introduced 70 projects with a total investment of 9 billion yuan. 50 projects have been put into production, including national well-known enterprises such as Tsingdao Beer, CR Ng Fung, Yurun Group and Qinqin Group. In recent years, the Park was successively awarded as Yangzhou Experimental Area of Cross-Straits Agriculture Cooperation, National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Products Processing, China’s Demonstration Base of Food Logistics, China’s Innovative Service Park of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises and Jiangsu Provincial-level Concentration Area of Agricultural Products Processing.

4.Building contents: The project is located at the core area of the Park, with an area of 72 mu and a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan. The total construction area covers 22 square meters, including technological R&D center, products exhibition center, inspection & quarantine center, talents training center (i.e. starred hotel) and administrative service center.

5.Project progress: The topping out of the main structure has been completed.

6.Total planned investment and the modes of cooperation:

Total planned investment of the starred hotel: 600 million yuan;

Modes of cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture; meanwhile engage hotel operating management company.


Contact person: Jing Liu; Tel.: 18912139908;

E-mail: yzspgyy@163.com

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