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Electronic Commerce Project

1.Project name: Electronic Commerce Project

2.Project classification: Electronic information

3.Project sponsor: Jiangwang Sub-district Office

4.Brief introduction to the sponsor: Located at the West New City of Yangzhou, Jiangwang New City is a key node of the west wing for Yangzhou’s development strategy of “one main body, two swings”, and is also an important area for Hanjiang to propel urbanization. Totally oriented as the “middle-grade & high-grade resident and commercial section”, the project will build “Jiangwang Water City” with highlighting its feature of water city. With a planning area of 8.57 square kilometers, the west area of Jiangwang New City is initially positioned as two functional areas which are respectively modern commerce & trade logistics and ecological residential area. It is planned to build featured industries such as professional market belt, star-level hotels & comprehensive commercial centers, high-class featured commercial block and modern urban residential area in the comprehensive development zone within 3-5 years, becoming the most prosperous and the most charming fashionable resort of the West New City.

5.Main building contents: Located at Jiangwang area—the core area of the West New City of Yangzhou, the project has successfully built E-commerce Creative Industrial Park of the West New City of Yangzhou which covers an area of 30 mu and has an annual turnover of 500 million yuan. It is introducing domestic 100 top electronic commercial enterprises now.

6.Estimated total investment and the expected economical benefits:

Total investment: invested per actual requirements

Construction period: 6 months

Expected period of return on investment: 6 months

7.Initial suggestion about the modes of cooperation and project progress: attract all kinds of capitals at home and abroad to invest and construct. The controlled planning has been approved; the land has met the requirements of listing on the stock market; the listing procedures of the land can be started at any time according to the requirements of the project.


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