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Information display substrate

1.Name of the project: 

Information display substrate


Industrial Project

3.Project to be implemented by: 

Administrative Committee of Yizheng Economic Development Zone

6.Introduction to the implementing organization:

Established and approved as a provincial-level industrial park in 1992, Yizheng Economic Development Zone (YZEDZ) was listed as one of 14 key development zones in 2002 in Jiangsu. In the year of 2003, YZEDZ was assessed as an extremely vigorous zone by the Provincial Government and approved to be an influential area that enjoys priority for exploitation based on the Development Strategy along the Yangtze River. In 2005, YZEDZ began its new planning and construction. In 2006, YZEDZ won the title of “Best Economic development Zone for investors in Jiangsu Province”. YZEDZ pitches its priorities in constructing Emerging Industrial Area, Ship-building Industrial Area and Science & Education Industrial Park. Based on that, YZEDZ focuses much on the construction of such three industries and one center: Energy-saving& Environmental Protection Industry, Modern Information& Technology Industry, New Material Industry and Tech Pioneering Service Center.

5.Project summary: 

Covered an area of 5.3 hectares, the project will be built to produce Information display substrate, which is widely used in the field of electronics like display device and ITO glass, etc.

6.Estimated investment: 48 million USD

Construction period: 1-2 years

Payback period: 3-4 years

7. Intent of Cooperation: 

Exclusively-funded enterprise.

8. Contact:

Address: No.1, Mingtai Road, Yizheng, Jiangsu Province, PRC.

Post Code: 211400      Telephone:+86-514-83636080   

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