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Sino-German Meitaier Industrial Park

I. Project name: Sino-German Meitaier Industrial Park 

II. Project classification: Machinery equipment

III. Project sponsor: Guangling Economic Development Zone

IV. Brief introduction to the sponsor: 

Founded in August 2002, Yangzhou Guangling Economic Development Zone, after recent years of development and construction, has now become a glaring star among the Yangtze River-side development zones. Since the Development Zone was set up, more than 300 companies from over 20 countries and regions have settled here, and the major economic indicators of the Development Zone are witnessing rapid increase year after year. Covering 40km2 of area, the Development Zone is, according to planning, is home to multi-provincial and municipal level “parks in the Development Zone” such as hydraulic industry base, science and technology incubator, electronic R&D centers, SME pioneer park and auto parts processing zone. Adhering to the "eco-friendly, garden-like, high-tech and pollution-free" concepts, the Development Zone is forging an "efficient, pragmatic and innovative" brand of integrity. A number of high-tech enterprises and R&D institutions have swarmed into the Zone. In the Phase I that covers 20km2 of land, four industrial clusters have taken shape, represented by hydraulic industry, auto parts, precision machinery and electronic appliances. The Phase II Development Zone, also with an area of 20km2, is under development and construction.

V. Main building contents: 

According to planning, the project is to build 66,000m2 of workshop for attracting advanced European machinery equipment and hydraulic equipment production line so as to provide excellent settlement and production platform for hydraulic industry and machinery manufacturing industry, and gradually radiate to the surrounding areas and ultimately form a cluster of high-tech European enterprises in middle and southern Jiangsu areas.

VI: Estimated total investment and the expected economical benefits:

Total investment:RMB200 million

Construction period:1 year

Expected period of return on investment:2-4 years

VII. Initial suggestion about the modes of cooperation and project progress:

The Development Zone is building a world-class hydraulic industry base, and striving to introduce a number of Europen leading manufacturing companies to improve the hydraulic industry chain from downstream to upstream so that machinery manufacturing, hydraulic industry, medical devices and auto parts, which are taken as the priorities, will promote development of local manufacturing industry and further accelerate settlement of European leading enterprises in the Development Zone.

VIII. Contact

    Contact: Xiang Ma

Address: Management Committee of Yangzhou Guangling Economic Development Zone 

Postcode: 225006

TEL: 87257171  

E-mail: yzgip2002@163.com 

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332