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Smart grids project

I. Project name: Smart grids project

II. Project classification: Smart grids

III. Project sponsor: Xiancheng Industrial Park, Jiangdu Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

IV. Brief introduction to the sponsor: Xiancheng Industrial Park is the main sector in the development of Jiangdu economy, with its total industrial output accounts for one-third of Jiangdu District. The Industrial Park has uprisen as a smart grid industry base in Jiangsu Province. Representative enterprises include Jinxin Electric, Alstom, Qiyuan Lei Yu, Laifushi Electrical, Jiekai Electric Power Equipment and Shuanghui Power, among which Alstom, Enersys Motive Power and other companies are joint ventures with Fortune 500 companies; Qiyuan Lei Yu has established cooperative relationship with China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group. All of these enterprises are rained by a large number of orders from the state's key power projects. Xiancheng Industrial Park is seeking to establish strategic cooperation with leading enterprises subordinate to the State Grid and renowned research institutes, and focuses on developing advanced equipment for power transmission, distribution and control of EHV, UHV, variable high and low voltage power lines. 

V. Main building contents: 

Advanced equipment for the power transmission, distribution and control of EHV, UHV, variable high and low voltage power lines in smart grid.

VI: Estimated total investment and the expected economical benefits: Total investment: RMB150 million or USD30 million and above, construction period: 2 years, expected rate of return: 20%, expected period of return: 4-5 years. 

VII. Initial suggestion about the modes of cooperation: Proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation

VIII. Contact: Weihua Tang

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