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New PVC Pipe

I. Name of the Project: New PVC Pipe

II. Classification of the Project: Petro-chemistry

III. Host: Baoying Economic Development Zone

IV. Introduction of the Host: The Development Zone is the main platform for the County to attract major investment projects. The planning area is 50 square kilometers. So far, a road network of “eight horizontals and five longitudinals” have been finished, and the “seven accesses and site leveling” have been realized generally, besides, supporting infrastructures of water, power and natural gas and heat supply, telecommunications, broadband, greening and lighting are also provided. More than 400 enterprises from over 10 countries and regions have settled down in the Park. In the recent two years, a large number of major projects have been attracted. 

V. Main Contents: To build 100,000m2 of workshop, warehouse and office building, to purchase pipe production line and pipe fittings processing and testing equipment and to shape a production capacity of 10tons of new PVC pipes each year.

VI. Estimated Total Investment and Economic Benefits:

1. Total investment: RMB1 billion yuan. After the project is put into operation, the estimated annual sales revenue could reach RMB1.5 billion yuan and the profits can total up to RMB200 million yuan;

2. Construction period: 2 years;

3. Estimated investment recovery period: 5 years.

VII. Preliminary Cooperation Suggestion and Project Schedule:

Sole proprietorship.

Contact information: Contract person: Wang Chen

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