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Relics of Tangcheng

Relics of Tangcheng: located on the southwest corner of the relics of Tangya Town and the old site of palace of Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty. The historical relic of Tang Dynasty dug in Yangzhou such as chinaware, copper ware, and gold and silver ware are collected in the museum. The exhibition in the museum intrudes the achievement of Cui Zhiyuan who is called the “ancestor of literature of Dongguo” in the form of historical materials, image and introduction to cultural relics and appreciated this friendly emissary from Xinluo. The relics of Tangcheng and Tang-style Bridge, and the Tangcheng-like palace, Tang-style palace building –Yanhege enhance each other’s beauty to manifest the mien of Tang culture.



Address: No. 20, East Pingshantang Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Ticket: RMB 25 ; Student ticket RMB 12

Time:  8:30——17:00

Traffic: No. 19, 61,209 buses

Telephone: 0514-87340843

Website: http://yztcyzbwg.com

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