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  • Slender West Lake, like an ink painting unrolled in right order, wanders on the territory of the city. It is the best time to tour the Slender West Lake in March of lunar calendar. The boat travels in the water and visit... more>>
  • Daming temple: Yangzhou is misty in March. The Daming Temple, located in the middle of scenery spot, slender west Lake in Shugang in the northwest of urban area, is still quite in the busy visitors. Climb on the Qiling T... more>>
  • Ge Garden: the bamboo in the garden is very green. The strong branches extend the vicissitudes of 190 years and form the wandering and green scenery for you. “The mountain is very quiet in spring, and is very green in su... more>>
  • He garden: when you visit the He garden, you need to visit the both the upstairs and downstairs with a zigzag route at the low and high elevation. The 1500-meter double-way corridor is hailed as the rudiment of overpass.... more>>
  • Han ling Yuan: Yangzhou Han ling Yuan is also called the museum of tomb of Guangling King of Han Dynasty and is one of the important tourist attractions of slender west lake Shugang scenic spot. It is also one bright pea... more>>
  • Relics of Tangcheng: located on the southwest corner of the relics of Tangya Town and the old site of palace of Emperor Yang of Sui Dynasty. The historical relic of Tang Dynasty dug in Yangzhou such as chinaware, copper ... more>>
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