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construction of M. rosenbergii nursery industrial park

1. Project title: construction of M. rosenbergii nursery industrial park 

2. Project to be implemented by: Gaoyou M. rosenbergii nursery industrial park service center 

3. Introduction to the implementing organization:

The planning industrial park has stepped into a certain scale with improvement in various aspects after two years operation. First, production. Currently, the park has 6 enterprises covering an area of 500 mu with 30000 square meters of standardized nursery greenhouse. Second, facility. The enterprises have built the production house by themselves. Road and power facilities are fully prepared. Third, technology. Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research provides technical support for 3 enterprises. All 6 enterprises have 30 nursery professional and technical personnel who are capable of guide daily production and management. Fourth, policy support. Guoji Town party committee and government will support the park development, regarding it as high efficient agriculture of Guoji and an important way of helping people increase income. For the convenience of merchants’ investment, Guoji has established “Gaoyou M. rosenbergii nursery industrial park service center” whose office lies inside the town’s government building.

4. Project background:

Among the shrimp species that China has introduced, M. rosenbergii is one of those species that have formed mass breeding and industrial development. The whole country’s breeding area covers over 500000 mu with nearly 200000 mu in Jiangsu Province. Traced back in 1992, Gaoyou now is the country’s demonstration area for standardized breeding of M. rosenbergii. After 10 years’ development, Gaoyou has nearly 150000 mu breeding area with average production of mu going over 400kg. Its breeding area and production accounts for 1/3 of the whole country and 3/4 of Jiangsu Province. The M. rosenbergii industry has become Gaoyou’s major income-bringing industry with annual production of 1.8 billion yuan.

For a long time, Gaoyou relies on purchasing the M. rosenbergii seedlings which require 14 billion ones annually and it was not helpful and convenient. The purchasing history is changed in 2010 by the park using Lake Gaoyou to breed about 2 billion seedlings successfully, receiving high comment of the farmers. Since then, Gaoyou M. rosenbergii industry forms a relatively complete industrial chain. Through integration of resources to expand the existing enterprises and investment to form a relatively concentrated nursery cluster, the park aims to provide high quality seedlings for Gaoyou city and even the whole country under high starting point, clear goal and strict management.

Construction of the park complies with the need of industrial transfer, ensuring the seedlings’ quality and consolidating Gaoyou M. rosenbergii industry. Huzhou in Zhejiang and Wujiang in Suzhou, Jiangsu are the major distribution center of M. rosenbergii seedlings. Recently, affected by water pollution of Taihu Lake, the breeding success rate and breeding quality are declined significantly, resulting in close of several nursery plants. Difficulties arise in steady supply of M. rosenbergii seedlings which makes new site-searching a must. Lake Gaoyou is the third largest freshwater lake in Jiangsu Province and is the valley corridor of flood for  Huaihe River. It has strong water mobility with no chemical pollution in the surrounding area.  After repeated water quality laboratory, the lake proves to contain a variety of elements suitable for seedlings’ growth. In recent years, three enterprises of the park, Gaoyou Liansheng, Jiangsu Fuyuda and Gaoyou Fuda, have put their M. rosenbergii seedlings into the market. Through actual comparative breeding, farmers agree that the three enterprises’ seedlings are good in quality and quantity, and reasonable in price with high survival rate, fast growth and great benefits.

5. Project summary:

1) General goal: 

Plan and construct the park under the construction requirement of “one-time planning with high standard, step by step implemented in place”. The planning covering area of the park reaches 1000 mu with Zhaozhuanghe in the east, Xipaihe in the west, Lake Gaoyou in the north and Dayu Road in the south. The construction will take 3 years. Enterprises in the park are controlled at 10 with each having 60 mu land of area for production and enjoying perfect facilities. The park will produce 6 to 8 billion M. rosenbergii seedlings annually. Gaoyou demands 14 billion seedlings a year. When completed, the park will be the pioneer park for insightful people, Sightseeing Park for farmers, Demonstration Park for high efficient agriculture development and Test Park for agricultural science and technology innovation, dealing with high efficient nursery, seedlings conservation and eco-tourism.

2) Construction planning: 

The park covers an area of 1000 mu, among which 600 mu for production and management, 400 mu for infrastructure and supporting facilities. 10 enterprises lie in the park with annual seedlings production at 6 to 8 billion.

3) Main construction: 

A. infrastructure: infrastructure construction focuses on avenue construction inside the park, water conservancy facilities, and electricity facilities with a total investment of 20.5 million yuan. Construction period will be implemented in place by year depending on the workload and the actual demand of funds.

B. production facilities:

Invested by the enterprises, the facilities includes 40000 square meters shed of standardized greenhouse for M. rosenbergii seedlings conservation and nursery, boiler, oxygen equipment and other ancillary supporting facilities with a total investment of 85 million yuan.

6. Estimated total investment and profit of the project:

Total investment: 105 million yuan or $ 15.75million

Construction period: 3 years

Payback period: 6 years

7. Intent of cooperation:

    Joint venture, cooperation management, joint-stock cooperation or wholly-owned investment are all allowed.

8. Contact:

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