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Goose Product Processing Project

1. Project Name: Goose Product Processing Project

2. Category: Agriculture

3. Project Undertaking Party: Gongdao Town and Fangxiang Town of Hanjiang District

4. Project Undertaking Party Introduction: Gongdao Town and Fangxiang town are included in ten key towns of goose raising in Yangzhou. They feed above 1 million waterfowl annually. Two town have been included in Yangzhou city "ten township one industry" goose industry development planning. Annual breeding gooses will reach 2 million respectively.  

5. Major items for construction: Carry out cooperation in growing grass for gooses, developing goose deep processing products and expanding processing capacity.

6. Estimated total investment and anticipated economic benefit

Total investment: USD 10 million 

Construction Period: 1 Year

Anticipated Investment Return Period: 1 Year

7. Initial cooperation advice and project procedure: 

Investment can take the form of sole proprietorship, joint venture and cooperation.  At present, the gooses of the whole district exceed 3 million. Goose aquatic breeding and processing has realized sales of nearly 800 million yuan. "HuangJue halogen goose" has brown skin, tender meat and good taste. "Kouyuan" brand, "Jue" brand series products are well received by the goose consumers. "Kouyuan food" has already been provincial agriculture leading enterprise, "the Jiajue food" has become municipal agriculture leading enterprise.

8. Contact

Contact Person:Wei Kang, Liu Jun       

Add:Gongdao Town and Fangxiang Town of Hanjiang District 

Zip code:225119, 225117         

Tel:0514-87392842   ( Wei Kang )

0514-87711291  (Liu Jun ) 

Fax: 0514-87395445 (Kouyuan Food)


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