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Yangzhou goose industrial management

1. Project title: Yangzhou goose industrial management

2. Classification: Processing of agricultural byproducts

3. Project to be implemented by: Yangzhou Tiange Goose Industry Development Co., Ltd.

4. Introduction to the implementing organization: 

Yangzhou Tiange Goose Industry Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yangzhou Wuting Food Co., Ltd., located in Songqiao Town, Gaoyou City in the northern suburbs of Yangzhou City, is the leading enterprise of Yangzhou agricultural industrialization, dealing with Yangzhou goose breeding, incubating, promotion, raising and processing, covering an area of over 80 Mu. With a registered capital of 10.3 million yuan, the company possesses a fixed assets of 62.7 million yuan and a net assets of 32.61 million yuan. It has a staff of 550, including 158 professional and technical personnel. It has a Yangzhou goose breeding center, an incubation center and a goose products deep processing base. The company now has 120 genealogies of Yangzhou Goose and a population nucleus herd of 100,000 geese, supplying 5 million commodity goose seedlings annually. It has a goose killing production line and 2 production lines for deep processing. The company’s technology of processing air-dried geese, sauce geese and spicy geese is mature and it has finished the middle test on technology of  small-scale processing of saline geese, with its products winning the title of “Jiangsu Agricultural Three-project Recommended Products” in 2003. Its processing of goose products has reached relevant environmental protection standard and passed the argumentation by environmental protection department and small batch products have entered the international market. The company processes geese over 1.5 million and the products have entered the markets in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong, Beijing, establishing a sound marketing network.

5. Project summary: 

Develop goose meat export processing, division packaging, goose liver and blood biological products and goose feather series products mainly with a total investment of 400 million yuan.

1) Enlarge Yangzhou goose breeding group with a total investment of 50 million yuan. 

2) Enlarge Yangzhou goose breeding base and incubation center with a total investment of 70 million yuan. 

3) Process export series products of chilled geese, air-dried geese and saline geese with a total investment of 170 million yuan. 

4) Produce goose liver and biological products with a total investment of 60 million yuan.

5) Enlarge Yangzhou goose wholesale trading market with a total investment of 50 million yuan.  

6. Estimated total investment and profit of the project:  

Total investment:   RMB 400 million (60 million USD)

Construction period:   2 years

Payback period:  5.5 years

7. Intent of Cooperation: 

The construction of the project can be taken as joint-stock cooperation. Yangzhou goose breeding group, Yangzhou goose breeding base and incubation center, Yangzhou goose wholesale trading market and Yangzhou goose dedicated feed plant are to be enlarged. A production line for chilled geese, air-dried geese, saline geese products export processing is to be constructed. Goose liver and production of biological products are to be produced and the goose feather and related products business is to be set up.

8. Contact: 

Address: Songqiao Town, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province

Postcode: 225600       

Contacter: Wu Yulai

Telephone: 13805254044 0514-85085807

Fax: 0514-84212048    

E-mail: xiaofei1818@126.com

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332