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Jiangdu Ecological Center Building Projec

1, Project name:Jiangdu Ecological Center Building Project

2, The project classification: Trade circulation industry

3, The project undertaker:Jiangdu District Ecological Center Building Office

4, Brief introduction to the project undertaker:The Office is mainly responsible for the planning and building of the Ecological Center.

5, The main contents of construction project:To depend on various characteristic flower and tree gardens, entertainment farms and with five-star hotel as the standard, a unique entertainment club will be designed and built and thus provide a high-grade destination of agricultural sightseeing and various meetings & activities.

6、Projects a total investment of $ 150 Million

The project construction period of 3 years

Expected investment return period of 5years

7, Preliminary proposals for cooperation and project schedule

Mode of cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture.

Project progress: the project location has been tentatively identified.

8, Contact: Gao Hongya

Address: NO.1, Longchuan road, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou city 

Zip code: 225200       Tel: 0514-86558895

Fax: 0514-86865746   E-mail: jdnljzsb@126.com

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