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Deep Processing of Aquatic Products

a. Project Title: Deep Processing of Aquatic Products

b. Project Sponsor: Daffodil Industrial Co., Ltd. Jiangsu

c. Brief Introduction to the Sponsor:

This company is the leading company of agricultural industry within the province; the production base of non-polluted food and organic food; the main product Eriocheir sinensis is named ‘Top Ten Crab of China”; the credit rate is “AAA”. The company is certified by ISO9001Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environment Management System; the registered capital is 22.577 million RMB; the annual production value of 2008 is 305 million RMB, paying 18.8 million RMB of tax. 

d. Main Construction Content of the Project

To construct standardized workshops, warehouses, cold storage of high standard; install new facilities such as Flat-panel Freezer and sewage treatment facilities; in order to increase the annual production capacity to 8000 tons of canned special flavor fresh water fish and crab. 

e. Estimated Total Investment and Profit of the Project

Total Investment: $ 5 million 

Construction Period: 2 years

Estimated Investment Return Period: 2 years

f. Primary Cooperation Proposal and Project Progress

Sole proprietorship or joint venture

g. Contactor: Hua Boxian

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