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Gaoyou duck industrial management

1. Project title: Gaoyou duck industrial management 

2. Classification: Processing of agricultural byproducts

3. Project to be implemented by: Jiangsu Gaoyou Duck Group

4. Introduction to the implementing organization: 

Jiangsu Gaoyou Duck Group, located in the New Chengnan Economic Area, Gaoyou, is the leading enterprise of the national agricultural industrialization, dealing with Gaoyou duck resources protection, scientific breeding, hatching duck by Kung, thoroughbred promotion, high efficient mass-breeding, processing and sales of duck eggs and duck meat. It is the only enterprise titled “Sub-center of National Egg Product Processing Technology R&D”in duck egg processing industry. Founded in 1996, the Group has carried out famous brand development strategy and passed dynamic monitoring of the leading enterprise of the national agricultural industrialization three times.

With a fixed assets of more than 93 million yuan, the group has a staff of around 800, including over 120 professional and technical personnel. In recent years, around 3.5 million ducks have been bred through contract, about 200 million multi-type egg products have been processed and more than 1.8 million duck meat products have been produced. In all, the group realized sales income of 1.3 billion yuan and its total pre-tax profits reached 65 million yuan.

5. Project summary: 

1) Mass-breeding base construction   

Build a 50,000-square-meter duck house where 500,000 Gaoyou ducks can be raised in the surrounding areas of Gaoyou Lake with a total investment of 40 million yuan.

2) Development of deep processing of Gaoyou duck egg and duck meat products  

Build a 30,000-square-meter plant for production and storage and purchase four automatic duck egg processing lines and two duck meat processing lines, processing 150 million multi-type egg products and 3 million duck meat products annually, with a total investment of 65 million yuan.

3) Construction of duck seedling incubation center

Set up a duck seedling incubation center where 5 million duck seedlings can be incubated annually with a total investment of 20 million yuan.

6. Estimated total investment and profit of the project:

Total investment:   RMB 125 million (18 million USD)

Construction period:   3 years

Payback period:  5 years

7. Intent of Cooperation : 

Gaoyou Duck Group has a core enterprise of Red Sun Food Company Limited, whose annual sales is more than RMB 100 million, and two large duck breeding bases in Mapeng Town and Gaoyou Lake, enjoying related preferential policies for being titled “National Gaoyou Duck Agricultural Products Demonstrating Processing Base”, “Modern Agriculture Demonstration Garden in Jiangsu Province” and “the Agricultural Cooperation Experimental Zones in Gaoyou Aquatic Waterfowl Industrial Park across the Taiwan Strait”. Warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to invest. Wholly-owned investment, joint venture, joint-stock cooperation or diversified-project investment are all allowed.

8. Contact:   

Address: Jiangsu Gaoyou Duck Group, the New Chengnan Economic Area, Gaoyou

Postcode: 225601       

Contacter: Wu Guiyu (Chairman of Gaoyou Duck Group)

Telephone: 13511734399 0514-84683805

Fax: 0514-84667137    

E-mail: jsgyhty@21cn.com

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332