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the depth of the development of special forest products

1, the project name: the depth of the development of special forest products

2, the project classification: Agriculture

3, the project undertaker: Yangzhou Huashi special forest product processing factory

4, sponsor briefing: the factory was founded in 2000, 2500000 RMB in fixed assets, the existing staff of 130 people, planting base of field management staff of 250 people.

5, the main construction contents: the new project plan expansion base 1000 acres, 50000 new box vacuum packaging cherry, cherry leaf export capacity, add lotus, sweet scented osmanthus, ginkgo and other products for export.

6, the project is expected to total investment and economic benefit:

The project total investment: $10000000

Construction period: 3 years

The estimated investment recovery period: 2 years

7, the preliminary proposals for cooperation and the progress of the project: the project can take sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation mode.

8, project contact:

Contact person: Wang Longbao

Address: Yangzhou City Hanjiang Ganquan Street

Zip code: 225123

Tel: 0514-87726180

E-mail: hjnwxx@163.com

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332