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Beverage Development and Utilization Project

1, Project name: Beverage Development and Utilization Project

2, The project classification: Trade circulation industry

3, The project undertaker: Yangzhou Flower Fairy Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.

4, Brief introduction to the project undertaker: Covering Qianxian brand lotus juice, instant lotus root starch, etc., main products of the Company have passed the “Green Food” certifications of America and China Green Food Development Center and won many honorary titles such as “high-quality product” and “trustworthy food” granted by provincial authorities.

5, The main contents of construction project:Lotus root and hot spring resource are to be used, advanced domestic and foreign hot filling technologies will be introduced, a louts juice and mineral water production line with an annual production capacity of 500 thousand tons will be built or expanded and lotus juice serial beverages, fruit & vegetable beverages and mineral water will be developed.

Projects a total investment of $ 50 Million

The project construction period of 3 years

Expected investment return period of 5 years

7, Preliminary proposals for cooperation and project schedule

Mode of cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation.

8, Contact: 

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