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In 2014, adhering to the principle that traffic was vital, we continued to increase efforts in building major infrastructures. Lianhuaiyangzhen Railway Yangzhou section took the lead to start construction, Nanjing-Qidong Railway electrified and double-track transformation project was basically completed. Suqian-Yangzhou Highway and Shaobo Lake Ring Way were under construction. Provincial highways S203 Yangzhou section and S125 Yizheng section were open to traffic, and Wenchang Road west extension project was completed. The Shouxihu Tunnel opened to traffic and the construction of New Wanfu Road, South Extension of Hanjiang Road, Jinwan Road was carried out according to the timetable.

The mileage of highways completed and under construction last year reached 288 km in total, with a total investment of 2.36 billion Yuan, a record high. There were 223 km rural roads and 186 bridges were newly remodeled, the coverage rate of buses in towns and villages reaching 65%. The transport hubs in the city west were mainly completed. Gaoyou Yundong Locks and Jiangdu Mangdao Lock’s expansion project were accelerated. The main renovation project of the Huaihe River connecting the Yangtze River was basically completed.

We opened and optimized 21 bus lines and introduced the free transfer within one hour policy for bus IC card holders. The exclusive bus lane on Hanjiang Road was completed and on test run. The urban bus sharing rate reached 22.6%, 2% up than that of last year. The public bicycle rental system was completed in the main city, establishing 310 rental points with 10,000 running vehicles.

                                                 - Excerpt from "Yangzhou Municipal People's Government Work Report" (on the Fourth Session of the Seventh People's Congress of Yangzhou, January 9, 2015)

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