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Banquet of the red mansion

A Dream in Red Mansions has deep historical relationship with Yangzhou. The dish and beverage and tea displayed in A Dream in Red Mansions takes the Yangzhou flavor as the main line to show the style of official dishes and the grace of scholars and beauty. The banquet of the red mansion complies with the original spirit of A Dream in Red Mansions through the research of more than 20 years. Every dish has a series of human story with rich taste. Banquet of the red mansion advocates the concept of “light, good taste and healthcare” and uses the food of a larger river, the food in a river, poultry meat, vegetable and fruits and famous special product of Yangzhou as the basic materials and change the dishes with the seasons. The dishes and desserts are desserts are designed individually and made delicately and explain the famous historical dishes with fashion and create the atmosphere for dining in the red mansion and make people roam in the poetic Illusion of culture of red mansion.


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