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Yangzhou State Guesthouse

Yangzhou State Guesthouse 5 star

Addr:No.48,Youyi Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. LocationClose to Downtown of Wenchang business circle

Name:Yangzhou State Guesthouse

Number of rooms:301




Yangzhou State Guesthouse is the first five-star tourist hotel located beside the quiet Slender West Lake. There is green lawn in the hotel garden and six classical villas well-arranged. Several political leaders at home and abroad chose to stay in the hotel during the past ten years including  Zemin Jiang, Jintao Hu, Bangguo Wu, Jiabao Wen, ex-present of France Chirac and UN vice secretary-general Anna. Many large-scale activities were hold in the hotel such as “March International Economy and Trade Tourism Festival” and “the World Canal City Exposition”.

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
    Tel: 0514-87859332